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Vizoovet is the ophthalmic product used for the Australian fire victims The safest most effective eye drop available

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Everything we sell has been tested by veterinary specialists to be safe and effective

Soon to be published ACVO Study

Unlike most other natural products that make a lot of claims, we have peer-reviewed studies performed to find out for real in real life what the products will do.

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20% off Vizoovet Ampules!

The individual ampules are good for 2 days once in each eye. It's a great way to test Vizoovet on your pet or multiple pet's eye issues. 10 .6ml/box

We now have QuickDerm !

If your pet is unfortunate and gets a wound, QuikDerm helps that injury heal. It speeds up mitosis and migration of the cells repairing the scrape, cut , gash or other injury to the skin


Vizoovet clears pet eyes of redness, pain, exudate swelling, allergy

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QuikVue images are 10 times better than using a smartphone alone

Study: Vizoovet is safe and effective at improving KCS (dry eye)

Vizoovet Protect is the ophthalmic used for Australian fire victims for soothing burns and smoke

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QuikVue Smartphone Technology in Clinical Ophthalmology
QuikVue is an attachment for any smartphone that's small and light and can be used as a slit lamp. It makes it simple to explain to clients the issue their pet is having and on recheck to show the progress the pet is having with a corneal ulcer or injury for example. Images are as easy to send as a text. QuikVue® is a smartphone adaptor designed especially for anterior segment imaging. It provides 15x magnification which meets the basic eye examination demand for optometrists, general practitioners, pediatricians, veterinarians, etc. The specially designed optical lens enable QuikVue® to capture clear anterior images for primary eye care examination and telemedicine. QuikVue® provides both white and blue illumination respectively. The white LED projects warm white light which is similar to slit lamp’s halogen illumination. There are two levels of white illumi- nation available to meet different brightness demand during examination. The blue illumination can be used to capture fluorescein images to assist diagnosis with corneal staining. The innovative air cushion design enables QuikVue® to be attached on most smart phones available in the market. To make the power recharging convenient, Qui- kVue® applies mini Li-ion rechargeable battery. It can be recharged through a USB cable. There is one recharging status indicator at the back side of the device. When the power recharging is finished, the indicator light will turn from red to green.

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Vizoovet Authorized Distributors

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