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Veterinary Ophthalmologist tested Therapies for Pets with KCS

Veterinary Ophthalmologist tested Therapies for Pets with KCS

Veterinary Ophthalmologist tested Therapies for Pets with KCSVeterinary Ophthalmologist tested Therapies for Pets with KCS



VIZOOVET has a naturally effective, triple action for dry eyes:


VIZOOVET is a unique, natural and patented preservative free eye drop for animals. It is indicated to relieve and refresh dry and irritated eyes. It contains natural extracts of three well known ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Propolis
  • Chamomile.

These ingredients have been used for centuries worldwide for various health issues and dog eye infection.  Vizoovet plays an important role in the protection and comfort of the ocular surface. The lubricating ingredient Glycerin helps stabilize the ocular surface and protects it from drying out. VIZOOVET has a naturally effective, triple action for dry eyes:

  • Immediate lubrication and comfort
  • Ocular surface protection
  • Relief and recovery - gets the red out

VIZOOVET PROTECT is available in a new 10ml bottle as well as the convenient unit dose vials which can be re-sealed and safely used for up to 24 hours. The sterile eye drops are preservative free, phosphate free and pH neutral. Use 2 drops per day for 10 days and then as necessary.

Natural, Safe and Effective Relief


One ACVO had this to say: 

“I use it on unresponsive neurogenic KCS. Very painful eyes. Owner calling saying the dog is much more comfortable after medication started.”

Owners love VIZOOVET

For KCS,  allergic conjunctivitis and corneal erosion. VIZOOVET drops the tear osmolarity down to it's normal level and relieves the pain in a very short time.


Anterior Segment Imaging made easy

Vizoovet Protect and QuickVue are diagnosing and treating animals in Australia.

Both of these products were just in Australia right now helping the animals with the smoke and thermal injuries caused by the fires. 

They were donated to Dr. Todd Driggers for his volunteer mission to save and heal these magnificent creatures in his native country.

QuickVue was donated because it gives a fast easy great image of the anterior segment of the eye.

Vizoovet was donated because it gives the volunteers a completely safe analgesic and anti-inflammatory to comfort the animals from thermal injury until they can be seen by the veterinarian.

Both of these products you should really consider having in your practice.

QuickVue is an attachment for any smartphone that's small and light and can be used as a slit lamp. It makes it simple to explain to clients the issue their pet is having and on recheck to show the progress the pet is having with a corneal ulcer or injury for example. Images are asm easy to send as a text.

Vizoovet because "It's the best product for melmobian gland dysfunction."

That statement was given to attendees at the most recent ACVO meeting in Maui last November by Ann Graztek DACVO. Meimobian gland dysfunction is the number 1 cause of KCS.

QuikVue® is a smartphone adaptor designed especially for anterior segment imaging.The specially designed optical lens enable  QuikVue® to capture clear anterior images for primary eye care examination and telemedicine.

White and Blue Illumination

QuikVue® provides both white and blue illumination respectively. The white LED projects warm white light which is similar to slit lamp’s halogen illumination. There are two levels of white illumination available to meet different brightness demand during examination. The blue illumination can be used to capture fluorescein images to assist diagnosis with corneal staining and contact lens fitting, etc.

Flexible Air Cushion Design
Rechargeable Battery

The innovative air cushion design enables QuikVue® to be attached on most smart phones available in the market.

To make the power recharging convenient, QuikVue® applies mini Li-ion rechargeable battery. It can be recharged through a USB cable. There is one recharging status indicator at the back side of the device. When the power recharging is finished, the indicator light will turn from red to green.

Testimonial for QuikVue

Your product is great and I have using it since with my patients...

Needless to say, it is quite helpful in showing and explaining to patients in a far easier way the condition and showing also the improvement when it comes to corneal infections for example...”

Vizoovet Works

Vizoovet Protect

Benefits -what Vizoovet doesn't do.

Benefits -what Vizoovet doesn't do.


Vizoovet comes in two sizes.

A box of 10 .5 ml ampules and a 10ml bottle.

Benefits -what Vizoovet doesn't do.

Benefits -what Vizoovet doesn't do.

Benefits -what Vizoovet doesn't do.


Frederica Maggio DACVO explained :

The dramatic results we sometimes see when we replace TAC with Vizoovet is we remove the irritation of that drug

Benefits -what Vizoovet doesn't do.

Texts received during MWVOS


California was a 10 year KCS case of RICK LANUZA DACVO.


Texts received during MWVOS

Texts received during MWVOS

Texts received during MWVOS


Ideal time and place to get these messages from Jesus Delgato, California's owner.

5 Days

Texts received during MWVOS

Happy Clients


That's the time difference between these 2 images. 

The time that TAC was stopped and Vizoovet was used..

Happy Clients

Texts received during MWVOS

Happy Clients


That's what you get with Vizoovet

"California today, 1 year later. The only product used now is Vizoovet Protect

happy customers




The little dog  would be smiling if she could. She is my beloved Shih Tzu of nearly 14 years. I am happy to smile for her today and to send my sincere thanks for giving us an alternative eye treatment drop

for chronic dry eye.

My dog has caring competent 

Veterinarians, including her Ophthalmologist who gave her back vision in her right eye and also, designed a treatment program for both eyes. She has recovered enough vision to enjoy playing ball. She now can find her lost toys. Saves me time🤗

The down side is her sensitivity to many of the drugs she was previously on, resulting in eye redness, itch, excess mucus and wheezing.

Good news! 

Her Ophthalmologist had a new drop, VIZOOVET and she thought I would like to try. She said it was made from all natural plant based ingredients. 

She provided me with two sample vials to try and I am so happy! I have now used both, so today I ordered a bottle. 

Love that it is a natural product.

I cannot thank you enough!!


Introducing QuickVue Smartphone Eye



Advancing smartphone technology is allowing clinicians to capture high- resolution photos and videos and facilitate convenient means of medical examination, documentation, and subsequent consultation in multiple disciplines.

QuickVue eliminates  many of the problems with smartphone photography such as      

images of poor diagnostic quality, shadowing and underexposure of the ocular surface and intraocular structures. There's no confusing enabling the continuous flash technique or trying to get the correct lighting with external illumination. The whole system is small enough to carry in your pocket.  For equine ophthalmologists it's ideal.

 QuickVue  helps improve illumination of the eye when imaging the anterior segment and/or adnexa or performing direct or indirect fundoscopy.  With just a smartphone you're limited to 4 x magnification whereas QuickView adds an additional 15 x . Rubber band magnification lens products remain with the issues related to optimal lighting.

QuickVue is rechargeable, has White/Cobalt blue illumination for use with fluorescein stain and works on almost every smartphone.

New! Vizoovet for KCS

See the rest of this case of a Bulldog named "California" that has been treated for KCS for 10 years. Her Ophthalmologist Dr. Rick Lanuza gave  her owner a sample of Vizoovet Protect

Red, itchy, painful, watery, runny, mucousy eyes of your best friend? What do you do?

If your pet's eyes look like any of these actual patients

If your pet's eyes look like any of these actual patients

If your pet's eyes look like any of these actual patients



KCS is also called "Dry eye"

If your pet's eyes look like any of these actual patients

If your pet's eyes look like any of these actual patients


Just a few days after Vizoovet

And what's this

If your pet's eyes look like any of these actual patients

And what's this


" Snickers" has Blepharitis

10 year documented case of KCS

And what's this


"Snickers" 26 hours after starting Vizoovet

10 year documented case of KCS

10 year documented case of KCS

10 year documented case of KCS



"California" Now!

10 year documented case of KCS

10 year documented case of KCS


5 days after stopping Tacrolimus and starting Vizoovet - To find out more click below: