Red, itchy, painful, watery, runny, mucousy eyes of your best friend? What do you do?

If your pet's eyes look like any of these actual patients



KCS is also called "Dry eye"


Just a few days after Vizoovet

And what's this


" Snickers" has Blepharitis


"Snickers" 26 hours after starting Vizoovet

10 year documented case of KCS



"California" Now!


5 days after stopping Tacrolimus and starting Vizoovet - To find out more click below:


VIZOOVET has a naturally effective, triple action for dry eyes:


VIZOOVET is a unique, natural and patented preservative free eye drop for animals. It is indicated to relieve and refresh dry and irritated eyes. It contains natural extracts of three well known ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Propolis
  • Chamomile.

These ingredients have been used for centuries worldwide for various health issues and in these eye drops they play an important role in the protection and comfort of the ocular surface. The lubricating ingredient Glycerin helps stabilize the ocular surface and protects it from drying out. VIZOOVET has a naturally effective, triple action for dry eyes:

  • Immediate lubrication and comfort
  • Ocular surface protection
  • Relief and recovery

VIZOOVET is available in convenient unit dose vials which can be re-sealed and safely used for up to 24 hours. The sterile eye drops are preservative free, phosphate free and pH neutral. Use 2 drops per day for 10 days and then as necessary.

Natural, Safe and Effective Relief


One ACVO had this to say: 

“I use it on unresponsive neurogenic KCS. Very painful eyes. Owner calling saying the dog is much more comfortable after medication started.”

Owners love VIZOOVET

For KCS,  allergic conjunctivitis and corneal erosion. VIZOOVET drops the tear osmolarity down to it's normal level and relieves the pain in a very short time.

New! Vizoovet for KCS

See the rest of this case of a Bulldog named "California" that has been treated for KCS for 10 years. Then, her Ophthalmologist Dr. Rick Lanuza gaveJesus her owner a sample of Vizoovet. The difference in the two pictures is 5 days on Vizoovet and tacrolimus was stopped. 5 days !

You can do something about eye diseases in pets. Vizoovet

KCS, Dry Eye, Eye Drops for Dogs

Innovation for Veterinary Medicine

Why would my pet need Ophthalmologist


Many eye problems can be managed by a general practice veterinarian (DVM or VMD). However, if the veterinarian believes that the patient would benefit from the skills and experience of a specialist, the patient may be referred to a veterinary ophthalmologist for additional care. Problems typically referred can include: perceived cataracts, glaucoma, retinal diseases, severe injuries, and cancer of the eye.

Just as with human medicine, veterinary medical specialists are becoming a valuable resource in treating your pet. Your general practice veterinarian has excellent training in veterinary medicine and acts as a family practice physician to your pet. But just as with human medicine, there are occasions when your veterinarian might want assistance or suggest a referral to a specialist to better meet your pet's needs.

 Many eye diseases are time sensitive so prompt consultation or referral is often in your animal's best interest.

Animal Eye Specialty Center



Dr. Robert D. Larocca, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists

Referring DVM

Dr. Larocca received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. and then attended and received a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (DVM) from the University of Florida. After completing an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Larocca worked in a small animal practice in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Next he completed a three-year residency in veterinary ophthalmology at Auburn University and became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists and a board certified ophthalmologist.

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