Efficacy of Vizoovet - about to be proven again

Efficacy of VizooVet in improving clinical signs of keratoconjunctivitis sicca in dogs: a pilot study


Not only is Vizoovet approved for use and dispensing by Eye Care For Animals across the US, it's about to be put to the test. The objectives are: 

A. To determine the effect of VizooVet eye drops on the clinical signs of keratoconjunctivitis sicca in dogs. 

B. To determine if VizooVet positively affects STT-1 and TFBUT values as compared to OTC lubricant eye drops. 

Stay tuned. The study is expected to be completed in December.

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Founder of Eye Care for Animals, Ruben Merideth DACVO explained to me that the shelters don't have the money for cyclosporin, corticosteroids and analgesics and antibiotics, that Vizoovet provides an affordable option for them and that's where he's using it.

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