Symptoms of Dry Eye in Cats

What to look for

Cat owners should know what to look for in their cats when considering the possible existence of dry eye. The most obvious warning sign is a thick yellow-green discharge of mucous that forms at the corner of the eyes. Inflammation of certain parts of the eye, like the thin membrane that lines the eyelid or the cornea, could also occur.

But a cat might let his owner know all by itself. That’s because the pain and discomfort caused by dry eye will likely lead to the cat constantly pawing at the eyes in a futile attempt at some relief. That should be a telltale sign that the cat should be taken to see a veterinarian.

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VIZOOVET for Cats (pdf)


Clean their eyes before meds

Before administering any lubes, meds, tear replacements or immunosuppressives it a real good idea the clean the eye of any exudate or debris.


Use VIZOOVET for: FHV Outbreaks-Soothing Eye Relief